5th Annual Bed Race
Racing for a Cure


Tuesday, May 12, 2020
(Rain or Shine)


740 Cowan Street
Nashville, TN 37207

Entry Fee

$500.00 Per team (of five plus one alternative, if desired)

Event Timeline

5:00pm | Team check in opens
6:30pm | Race begins


The team with the best combined time, from both the preliminary/first and the final rounds, will be proclaimed the winner and have “bragging rights” AND be presented with the “Nashville Bed Race” trophy.

There will also be medals given for:

  • Bouncy Spring Award: Best Decorated Team

  • People's Choice Award: Team Fundraising Award
    Each team will be given the opportunity to raise funds both online (in advance of the race) and on-site (the date of the race). The team that raises the most money wins the People’s Choice Award.

  • Squeaky Spring Award: Best in Spirit

  • Shining Star Award: Individual Fundraising Award
    An exceptional collection of merchant gift cards will be awarded to the individual whose fundraising efforts raise the most money

Team incentives

For every $1,000 a team raises, a “head start” of one bed-length (6 ft.) will be given for the entire race. 

bed design

  • All bed and team costs are borne by entrants

  • Beds must be no smaller than a twin bed (36” x 75") and no larger than a queen (60” x 80”) and must include a mattress and four (10") wheels that make contact with the ground

  • For safety reasons, wheels must be a minimum of 10" in diameter

  • Mattresses can be water or air but must fit the frame and be inflated during the race; mattress pads/straw do not qualify

  • It is recommended that the bed frame or box spring sit a minimum of 10” off the ground– not including mattress

  • No motors or mechanical means of motion are permitted

  • Push bars and steering devices are allowed but must be designed for safety; no sharp or jagged edges allowed

  • Push bars cannot extend further than 12" beyond the bed frame

  • Braking devices are recommended but not mandatory

  • There will be NO WELDING capabilities provided at the workshop

bed building Resources

For a modest price, basic bed frames on wheels can be purchased from either of the locations below. We recommend that orders for beds be placed a minimum of 30 days in advance of the race.

James Miller

miller@gallagherstaging.com| 615-258-5543

Trey Whitaker | Accurate Staging

trey@accuraetstaging.com | 615-369-2175

Kindal Jumper

kindal@soundchecknashville.com | 615-726-1165

the racing teams

  • Racing teams shall consist of four (4) runners and one (1) rider (all human)

  • One (1) alternate (human) is allowed per team but MAY NOT be switched out in the middle of a race

  • Racers must be 18 years of age or older

  • One member of the team must be on the bed at all times

  • Beds must be raced “foot-first”

*Please note, all registered participants must sign a waiver. Click here to view and download the waiver.


  • Costumes and themes are encouraged but all entrants must be attired

  • Appropriate clothing, footwear and safety headgear is the responsibility of each team member

  • Closed toe athletic shoes are required

  • HELMETS for those riding in the bed are mandatory and those riders without protective headgear will not be permitted to race


  • All racers must sign an Informed Consent Waiver before participating in the race

  • All participants must acknowledge that the safety of the participants and the crowd take precedence during the course of the race

  • Closed toe athletic shoes are required

  • Again, HELMETS for those riding in the bed are mandatory


  • Racing will be run in two rounds

  • All teams will race in the preliminary round with the top teams advancing to the final rounds

  • The team with the best combined time, from both the preliminary and the final rounds, will be presented with the
    "Downtown Derby Winners' Cup" AND have "bragging rights" for the year!


  • All runners must be able to see the race course in front of the bed when they are pushing the bed

  • No one can be pulling the bed

  • The rider must be sitting or lying the entire time the bed is in motion - no surfing please

  • No spitting, no biting, no tripping, or other such shenanigans


  • At least 4 out of 5 members of the racing team must cross the finish line

  • The bed must also cross the finish line in contact with the team members

  • At least 3 members must also be in contact with the ground when crossing the finish line